Asher Roth – The Anti-Eminem

So I’m in New York, and believe, now matter how bad you think you’ve got it weather-wise back in the UK, it’s not a patch on Antarctic gusts that are blowing through Manhattan right now. The windchill feels like you’re cheeks are being whipped by some spiteful spectre, disgruntled that you’re even considering going outside.

I came here to interview the ‘next big thing’ in rap, Asher Roth. He’s this skinny little white boy from Pennsylvania, and is very possibly the most unlikely candidate from claiming hip hop’s crown. He come from a very comfortable, supportive suburban family, his ‘mom’s a yoga teacher, his dad an IT technician, and he refuses adamantly to embrace rap’s fixation with violence, drugs, and material possessions. Sounds pretty boring, right?

Thing is, the boy has some gargantuan talent. Not only is he one of the most gifted lyricists to emerge in a long time, but, I dunno, he just has something special, that indefinable summit-summit. I think it’ll be a massive year for him.

People are calling him the anti-Eminem, in fact, that’s a lie. I’m calling him the anti-Eminem, as of now! Not just cos he’s white and getting big, but because his voice and delivery is pretty freakily similar, but subject matter couldn’t be more removed.

It was a pretty surreal encounter. We met him at Universal Records HQ, and he turns up with both his ‘mom’ and big sister in tow -awwwww! This lad really isn’t shying away from the whitebread wholesome image. I thought they’d come to drop him off, but no, they stayed round for both the shoot and the interview. I’m not used to having people sitting in on interviews, let alone someone’s mother.

Me, Asher, and fam
Me and the Roths, one big happy family

It was nice though. Got some classic anecdotes from missus Roth about her opinions on Asher’s track, ‘Rub On Your Titties’. Plus I can now enlighten the world that Asher’s sister is dividing her time between a journalism course and training to be a professional wine taster!

Check Asher’s video for ‘Roth Boys’:

I’m off to Brooklyn now to hang out with rabid doom-punk canines Blank Dogs.

Have a nice day! x