Courtship. let the light in on majestic indie-pop belter ‘Sunroof’

If you’ve been paying attention to the New Music section of this website, you will have no doubt become familiar with the name Courtship. We kicked off their first taster last summer, and adored its follow-up ‘Sail Away’ when it arrived earlier this year.

What makes them so intoxicating? It’s partly due to their joyous song-writing and expertly-structured bangers – but it’s their scope and ability to transport you from wherever you are immediately into their gorgeous world. ‘Sunroof’, almost certainly their most ambitious song yet, is further proof of their unrivalled pop sensibilities.

“From a young age we’re all told about this pathway to ‘success and happiness’, just go to college, get married, etc,” they say about ‘Sunroof.’ “We all know this is pretty much bullshit, yet everyone finds themselves at one point or another questioning whether to follow their heart, or their head. ‘Sunroof’ is just a friendly reminder of which one to choose.”

Sunroof by courtship.

Sun in the fun.