Crazy Cousinz – Exclusive Download

So, if you’ve been listening to Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 show, avidly following Harry Hill’s TV Burp, or attending clubs with velvet sofas, metal detectors and musical agendas anchored by adjectives like “smoooove” and “slick”, you will no doubt have heard Crazy Cousinz.

Crazy Cousinz

Paleface and Fluke get mobbed by shexy gyaldem wherever they go.

So the general vibe is that with tracks like ‘Bongo Jam’ Luke “Flukes” Reid and Errol “Paleface” Reid’s tropicalia-infused take on funky-house has been taking the genre somewhat overground.

Their Moyles-endorsed single, ‘Do You Mind’ is out today, and ‘da boyz’ kindly bestowed us with an eXXXXclusive (said with lots of echo and delay) dubstep remix, which you can download here.

Pop a bottle of Cava and watch the sexy video here:

Strangely, the rattling percussion makes it sound more like 1992 rolling ‘ardcore played at the wrong speed. Hmmm…