Envy – Manc’s New Aggy Lass (Video Premiere and Exclusive Download)

Envy’s the kind of Lancashire belle that elderly war veteran gents cross the street just to avoid contact with if they see her coming out the Arndale Centre. She’s the post-grime MC that’s going to find it completely impossible not getting branded the ‘Northern Lady Sov’. Not helped least by the fact that she’s svengali’d by Sov’s mainman Medasyn.

We have a few exclusives from her. Firstly this video premiere to her well good new single, ‘Nadine’.

It really reminds me of the stern fabled narratives of Dizzee’s first album, when the music he was making really felt important. Namely, my fav all-time of his, ‘Jezebel’.


We also have a download of her last ‘party banger’,
‘Friday Night’ (click the name to download).

It’s Bigtime fun, here’s the vid: