Festival Guide: Sounds From The Other City 2013

Salford’s premier new music festival, Sounds From The Other City, takes place this Sunday (May 5). Here, local writer Samuel Breen gives his top picks and explains why the bash is so worthwhile.

Sam: “This centreless city and former borough of Manchester has always been the underdog. Its houses are packed that little bit tighter, its factories that little bit more rundown. But between the torched pubs and hollow structures of Chapel Street there’s a wealth of activity from this event that’s hosted Manchester firsts from the likes of Alt-J , Lapalux and Dutch Uncles. This year (its 9th) sees the festival return to its inclusive, plutocratic structure with local independent promotors like Now Wave curating stages in pubs, old churches, with quirky touches like arts venues manned by the WI. The beauty of the bill is in the detail, and the breadth of local acts is greater than ever. So here’s my “Bank Holiday Sunday/I’m up for another if you are” ones to watch…”

Die Hexen

The crude, stretched out synths of Manchester’s D. Lucille are as humour-some as they are gothic. Balancing between the hammy synth pop of Dylan Ettinger and the Smash Hits occult of Visage their British am-dram creates a purposeful – powerful femininity. Through the music’s sparse sonic landscapes Lucille imagines an antiquated space race and a world of greater resonance.

Bridget Hayden

Since beginning her musical journey over a decade age Hayden has kept a close diary of her experiences. Focussing on physical, sensual tones she plays intoxicating folk riffs and bass heavy solos. Much of the legwork is done bowing her guitar creating curved, organic drones. From which she rolls through white noise and layered sound, filling speakers and rooms with rich textures.

Bridget Hayden @Bavart Gent from Chiel on Vimeo.

SFTOC wouldn’t exist were it not for the community driven DIY conviction of those involved, and nothing captures that more than the extra-curricular activities. Girl-trio performance artists The Volkov Commanders channel that spirit with previous outings including, “a future disco party from the moon, a Royal banquet with traditional Moon food and folk dancing and noisy interruptions”. The troupe has been orbiting various events in town and beyond and will undoubtably set the tone for the festival.

Queer’d Science

Every town needs a band like Queer’d Science. Every town needs a band that are so visceral that their noise shatters pub optics. A group that spreads catharsis faster than Boris Johnson shares STIs. A group whose killer EP sold out quicker than the morning after pill in Westminster. Queer’d Science is a utopian vision of destruction screaming down yours ears until you know all the words – personal heroes and local legends.

DJ Haus

Faktion and the Wet Play pals are taking over an otherwise tranquil canal side boozer for a Bank Holiday boogie. There are loads of highlights here but the ’92 rave revivalism of DJ Haus who is pushing smiley face generational sounds into newer and wilder dimensions. And like their rave dads this new generation of local space cadets have their own signature fashion: tucking their shirt in. Very proper.

Sounds From The Other City takes place this Sunday (May 5) at various venues throughout Chapel Street, Salford. See Soundsfromtheothercity.com for more information.