Freelance Whales – The Owl City It’s OK To Like

Put your hands up if the first time you heard Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’, that behind the obvious scathing walls of repulsion, that part of your brain went, ‘hmmm… pretty nifty chorus, though’.

No? No one? Hmm, suit yourselves then.

Well, for those of you who’re in touch with their inner lektro-tweemo but have wisely kept schtum till now, you’re in luck!

Look, you can’t help but feel all snug just looking at ’em

We told you about Queens’ Freelance Whales back in October, and while it didn’t exactly set my hair on fire back then, the delivery of their debut long-player this week has seen my inner organs all turn to raspberry jelly and my blood to warm coco.

Here’s some exclusive tasters off it:

Freelance Whales – ‘Starring’

Freelance Whales – ‘Ghosting’