Funeral Party – Moving To The New Sound Of LA

Funeral Party are band of spunky looking Los Angeles teens formed from the ashes of a Mexican skater gang. They’re like At The Drive In if instead of perversely encouraging all their fans at shows to stand completely static they had been more interested in them dancing, with moves co-choreographed by The Rapture’s cow bell player and Craig Nicholls circa 2002.

They supported The Drums on their first UK tour this week and I trundled down to Oxford to see the last date.

The trip started off well. We (me and Jenny, their PR, the nice Scottish lady above) sat opposite Emma Rigby, aka Hollyoaks’ very own Hannah Ashworth. That pretty much made my night. So much so, that in my rush of excitement I saw fit to make creepy little covert videos of the poor girl. Go me!

The guys rocked pretty hard/ Or rather, ‘rawked’ pretty hard.

This is my fave song of theirs. It’s called ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA’.

This is us talking about that song afterwards in their dressing room.

This is an exclusive download of that song:

Funeral Party – ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA’ (click name to download)

Happy now?