There were moments of fleeting brilliance when new London band Blue House played at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington the other day.

Before now they've been called "charming", and purveyors of "pop with a graceful swing", but what I got most from the gig was a knowing appreciation of British folk. Although technically a duo (James Howard and Ursula Russell, formerly of Fiction and Drop Out Venus, respectively), they brought with them a studious looking keyboardist, gregarious drummer, an extra guitarist and numerous backing singers, who spent the gig leaning on the back wall sucking on a few beers, only singing whenever the songs called for a little extra help.

It all brought to mind Belle & Sebastian and The Polyphonic Spree - bands whose members seemed to have collided with each other randomly, with great consequences.

The song we're premiering today stood out most. It's called 'Simple Song', it reminds me a lot of Tony, Caro and John's brilliant Syd Barrett-influenced lost 70s folk gem 'Eclipse Of The Moon', and it's out on Whipped Cream Records on March 18.

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