Imagine if the clinking Cava of a bling-toothed late Nineties 2-step don had been spiked by a gurn-burger of an early Nineties slack-jawed raver. Got that image?

Well, you needn't really try too hard, because 'mysterious' (i.e. they suspiciously just won't tell us their names) LDN duo Hot City are doing a very vivid job of conjuring just that.

They did Radar an exclusive mix.

Click here to download it

Jimmy Edgar - 'Sleight of Mouth'
Unit Moebius - 'Beat That Perculator'
Vital Essence - 'Admit 2 Love (Dem 2 Remix)'
Doc Daneeka - 'Deadly Rhythm'
Dikulous - 'Bass It Up'
Gongon - 'I Could Be There'
Julio Basmore - 'Banda 2'
Jackmaster Funk - 'White Label'
Ratsnake - 'Gesloten Cirkel'
Jackmaster Hater - 'White Label'
Deadboy - 'Long Way To Go'

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