Japanese Voyeurs – Grunge Is (Not) Dead

I got hooked on these London grungers after their ‘Sicking And Creaming’ EP was released last October.

(Pic: Jade Dannielle Martin)

What? ’91 style Homme guitars and a nod to Queen Adreena’s Katie Jane Garside not original enough for you? Oh stick a mouthful of highlighted stoner hair in your pie hole and chew it; Japanese Voyeurs are ace.

Their brand new double A side ‘That Love Sound/Blush’ is released on February 8th via their very own Slimeball Records.

Check out the blurry video for ‘That Love Sound’.

To kick-start your messy love affair with some brilliantly scummy yoofs from our capital’s underbelly, here’s a free download of debut single ‘Dumb’. (Isn’t that the name of a quite famous song by another quite famous grunge band? – Ed)