Listen – Four Tet Drops Surprise Album ‘0181’


Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet brightened mornings worldwide with a surprise album. He teased on Twitter this morning and then dropped the whole thing in a one track stream on his soundtrack.

The notes say the music was produced by Kieran Hebden between 1997 and 2001 and compiled in 2013. It’ll be available on vinyl soon.

Hebden remains one of the most exciting, inventive and consistent electronic musicians of our age. It’s a treat to hear sounds he started making even before he put out his first album in 1999, just months after releasing his expansive album ‘Pink’ last summer.

On first listen, ‘0181’ contains some of the most stirring and beautiful music I’ve heard from the Londoner. It’s a sultry, jazzy, exotic, soft, narcotic, languid, startling soundscape. The parts that start at 9:43 and 27.55 are particular highlights. As a whole, it’s a little gentler (bar a couple of shiver-giving beat drops) than much of his work. Check it out below.