New Music Of The Day: Matt Maltese – ‘No One Won The War’

The 'Brexit pop' troubadour is currently touring the UK on the 'First Past The Post Tour' to raise awareness of next week's general election

Ahead of what’s set to be yet another truly testing week in the UK’s recent history, we can at least take some comfort in how the soundtrack for the Brex-pocalypse is continuing to sound better and better.

We’ve been keen on Matt Maltese’s self-proclaimed “Brexit pop” for a long while here at NME towers, having wrapped our ears around the likes of his Hugo Maccabees-produced track ‘Vacant In The 21st Century’ and the dystopic romantic tale of ‘As The World Caves In’ – the inspiration for which, he told us last week, came from “this idea of Donald Trump and Theresa May having a final night on Earth, clicking the red button and then enjoying ravenous lovemaking.” Terrifying.

Maltese is currently taking his politically-tinged tunes on the road as part of the ongoing ‘First Past The Post’ tour, which the 20-year-old south Londoner is co-headlining with the idiosyncratic duo The Rhythm Method. The jaunt is aiming to raise awareness of the impending general election (June 8), as well as the Vote Labour campaign. And it’s all for an additional good cause, too – £1 from every ticket sold will go towards Emmaus, a charity which aims to remedy homelessness in the U.K.

Speaking about the upcoming election, Maltese said: “It goes without saying this is a huge moment for us all. We genuinely have the chance to elect a progressive ethical and unwaveringly good man in Jeremy Corbyn. A chance we’re rarely offered. Take it.”

To give you a taster of Maltese’s prowess in the live arena, the songwriter has just released two live versions of his tracks ‘As The World Caves In’ and ‘No One Won The War’ as part of the Felix Maccabees-owned Yala! Sessions. Watch the new renditions below.

Matt Maltese and The Rhythm Method will continue their ‘First Past The Post’ tour in Newcastle tonight – see the remaining live dates below.

June 2- Surfcafe, Newcastle
June 3 – Cookie Jar, Leicester
June 5 – Sebright Arms, London