MySpace Wanderer On Mask-Wearing Electro Enigma, Sbtrkt

Loneliness. Nerve-stealing, word-exploding loneliness. It’s been a recurring theme of our Wanders so far.

Makes sense, I suppose, when the essence of the thing involves sitting alone in a darkened room at quarter to one on a Wednesday evening, eyes despairing more with every click that entangles you further in The Ungraspable Void. Loneliness is trying to eke out tracks that 3/10,000 people will like because the people of the world generally prefer to amalgamate into the figure of a bored, horrid man, like a billion shit Power Rangers and most of those people reside in the cum canals of his unfortunately huge Power Ranger cock – which, in turn, justifies our sitting alone in darkened rooms at 3am on a friday morning… et cetera.

Anyway, we’ll not wander so far this time, because Sbtrkt‘s loneliness is one you find in darkened clubs when you should be looking for lost, addled friends.

The kind that strikes even when surrounded by thousands of sweaty others. It’s potent, traps you in your own skull and he – well, he wears a war mask when he plays live, lives in London and has been throwing his moody, hood-bound cuts out at Ye Unspeakable Voyd for a little while now, all of which has culminated in a fantastic and imminent 12″ for Young Turks (‘Rundown’/’Soundboy Shift’).

Genre wanter? 2-step, dub, house. Elec… Electropical? Give your own ears over above and below, where you’ll find a) a recent remix of These New Puritans ‘We Want War’ and b) a free download you might (more than) vaguely recognise.

Download: Sbtrkt – ‘Right Place’