New Music Of The Day: Animal Husbandry – ‘In Trouble For Good’

Nothing beats the experience of drinking rum out of coconut in a tropical paradise, so forgive Animal Husbandry for making this the subject of his latest song.

Instead of being a happy-go-lucky blast of palm tree-shadowed sunshine, ‘In Trouble For Good’ is built on paranoia. Mixed by Chris Coady (Grizzly Bear, TV on the Radio), the track pieces together an ominous web of moody sax parts and spiralling synths. It sounds like a good trip turned hellish, psychedelia with a killer edge. Maybe singer Tim sipped too much rum, or found himself lost in the tropics.

The moodiness actually stems from Tim’s yearning to escape everyday reality. He wants to be anywhere but home. “I was constantly seeking an escape from my surroundings in music,” he says, “with a desire for something more exotic, a regained sense of adventure in life.” A few more coconut-based beverages, basically. But Animal Husbandry’s own escapist pursuit translates. It’s hard not to get carried along in the subtly-crafted songwriting and gloomy melancholia.