New Music Of The Day: Mellah – ‘Nada’

Serious Beck vibes here

Mellah, aka Liam Ramsden, is a bit of a hands-on fella. As well as writing gorgeous and hushed indie-folk all by himself, he happened to do so and record it in his own studio – which he built in his spare-time as a carpenter. Him and Frank Ocean would likely get on like a house on fire.

That precision and attention to detail is duly reflected in the Peckham artist’s music. ‘Nada’, the second taste of his upcoming debut EP ‘Liminality’, is initially built around a simple set of chords, with new parts being steadily introduced – like the sharp guitar pings and surprising harmonica – to build to a triumphant and textured finale. It’s Ramsden’s hypnotic vocals that steals the show however, and point towards an artist well in control of his craft, in all possible ways.

“In short, ‘Nada’ is a song about death,” Ramsden explains. “My father died a couple of years ago now; his sudden, unexpected departure paraded in front of me the stark inevitability of death, which I had never really been faced with before, and through it illuminated the immediacy and beauty of my own life. ‘Nada’ is my memento mori if you like.”

‘Liminality’ EP is out via Lucky Number on May 12