Playlist – 60 Most Exciting New Bands Of 2013


You’ll have noticed, no doubt, that there are two bands featured on the cover of NME this week. Why not one, you scream?

Well, for starters I’m a difficult fucker and I can’t for the life of me choose who’s better out of Palma Violets and Haim. But mainly it’s because it feels like Britain and America are on the cusp of musical greatness again. So what better time than now, we thought, to bring the two worlds together for the mother of all NME new music specials?

Featured on the next 30-odd pages are the bands who are reinventing rock’n’roll. Young, dumb and full of, uh, top tunes, they’re a million miles more ace than they really have any right to be. Hell, some of them (Hi Merchandise! Hi Savages!) aren’t even signed yet.

Of course, there will be self-important idiots out there who will happily slag these bands off before they’ve even left the starting blocks. They should lighten up. What we’re saying with this issue is simple: sod the naysayers and enjoy the music.

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