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Meet Genre-Hopping Toronto Weirdos Weaves, Who Swapped Kids TV For Marilyn Manson Support Slots

Before they founded Weaves, Jasmyn Burke and Morgan Waters were typical Toronto indie misfits. Singer Jasmyn, who’d just sacked off Yeah Yeah Yeahs-inspired buzz band Rattail, was venturing into niche art shows around the city, while guitarist Morgan, an ex-children’s TV presenter, was writing a comedy web series about “one man’s misguided quest to conquer the world of home shopping”.

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Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves On Her New Label Honor Press: "No Snobs, No Phonies And No Shitheads"

Last year, Meredith Graves put herself through over 200 brutal and cathartic performances as lead singer in Perfect Pussy. Taking its toll on her health – and causing permanent damage to her voice – many would have forgiven her for taking time out to recover. Instead, she’s more passionate than ever and is using her downtime to help expose new bands and artists through a brand new label she’s set up: Honor Press.

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Plunge Into The Dark, Brittle World Of Nottingham Newcomers Kagoule On New Track 'Glue'

To have the producer whose worked with Arctic Monkeys, MIA and The Fall gushing over your band before you've even hit your twenties is impressive work. For Nottingham teen trio Kagoule, it's something they've already achieved having caught Ross Orton's ear when playing a support slot in his native Sheffield. "Once I'd recovered and found my nerve I went over and demanded they let me into their world," he says of first seeing them, and his demands led to the band's debut album, 'Urth'.

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