Radar Band Of The Week No:97 – ‘Deap Vally’


“I used to fight it,” drawls Julie Edwards of her bona fide Valley Girl status – which is, in layman’s terms, the So-Cal equivalent of being an Essex Girl. “But fighting’s no fun.” Instead, stickswoman Julie (above left) and soul screecher Lindsey Troy decided to embrace their fate and – after nixing the name God’s Cuntry – called their wire-wool-scrubbed blues get-up Deap Vally. They made sure, though, to twist the spelling so no fool would mistake them for a roots band. “We’re Valley Girls, not country girls,” states Julie. “And it reminds me of Def Leppard,” smiles Lindsey. Bonus.

Radar meets Deap Vally on the deserted edges of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo area. The pair, currently working on their debut album, are an artfully ragged jumble of denim short shorts, silver platform shoes and superstar sunglasses. “We’re like a young Edina and Patsy,” offers Julie of their absolute fabulousness. They’ve been together for a year and a half now, and started making music not long after meeting each other. “I guess I was stalking you,” admits Lindsey. “I was working at a knitting shop,” adds Julie of their unusual courtship, “and she just started coming in all the time. I didn’t really have a choice or anything.”

Drawing on the unrepentant strut of Ike and Tina and the heavyweight clatter of Led Zeppelin, as well as Karen O’s tree-felling caterwaul, their debut single, ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’, is an empowering mantra laid over a dirty desert stomp. “You can still love each other without being a hippy,” says Julie, before Lindsey cuts her off: “We’re not angry, pissed-off women, we’re just spirited.”

Set to join Iggy And The Stooges at London’s Hyde Park next week, Deap Vally shows are unapologetic mayhem. Last year they played San Francisco’s oldest bar, bang in the middle of the city’s red light district. Not everyone was a fan. The house band – a bunch of guys in their sixties – bullied them. “Halfway through the gig the upright bass player comes up to me and he’s like, ‘I got a piece of advice for you. Get a bass player’,” remembers Lindsey. “I was like, ‘I got a piece of advice for you. Get a vagina’.”
Leonie Cooper

Need To Know:

Based: California
For Fans Of: Karen O, Led Zep
Buy It: New single ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ is out on July 30
See Them Live: At London’s Old Blue Last (July 11), and at Hyde Park Calling (13), Latitude (14), Reading and Leeds (Aug 24/25) and 1234 (Sep 1)
Believe It Or Not: They stalked The Horrors last time they were in London. “It just seemed right to go on the hunt,” smirks Julie. “You can smell their fear”

This article originally appeared in the July 7th issue of NME

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