Radar Band Of The Week No:98 – The Cast Of Cheers



“We arrived in Barcelona at 10am and found out that we weren’t playing until 3am, so we went for a beer, which turned into loads of beers…” begins vocalist Conor Adams, with a rapscallion Irish lilt that makes his speech sound like a Father Ted script. “At soundcheck Kev [Curran, drums] was sliding off his stool, I’d basically forgotten how to play the guitar, Neil [Adams, guitar] quit the band about five times, and then someone came up and said John [Higgins, bass] had gone to hospital because his ear was chopped in two. He got back about 2.45am with a massive head bandage on, but what that story proves is that, no matter what, we’ll play the gig.” It’s probably no great surprise that a band of Irishmen named after a bar (“We all worked in a pub called Cheers, so they’d call us ‘the cast of Cheers’,” Kev explains) have a penchant for the odd tipple, but rather than going down the McGowan route, this lot are simply all about the good times.

After playing in a host of clever-clever math-rock bands, the four-piece decided to set up in their current incarnation at the tail end of 2009. “This time we wanted something where we could consciously jump around and have fun onstage, make people dance,” explains Conor’s brother and co-vocalist, Neil. So far, so Foals. But while The Cast Of Cheers will certainly draw comparisons with the Oxford quintet, their frenetic but danceable sound is more wonky Everything Everything than it is proggy. It’s a brilliant hotch-potch and one that fully comes to life live. Conor: “We started as a big ball of a mess on stage that hopefully bangs out a half-decent tune. We’re still doing that, but now we have towels and water and whisky.”

If you don’t believe us, just ask Two Door Cinema Club. Or Django Django. Or Blood Red Shoes. They’ve all recruited the Cheers boys to support them, and with their first ‘proper’ album ‘Family’ due this month (a free LP, ‘Chariot’, received over 150,000 Bandcamp downloads last year), it seems the Dubliners could quite easily join the high-flying ranks of their headliner buddies by the end of 2012.
Lisa Wright

Need To Know:
Based: Dublin
For Fans Of: Foals, Everything Everything
Buy It Now: New album ‘Family’ is released on July 23
See Them Live: At various festivals this summer, including Latitude(July 15) and Y Not (Aug 4)
Believe It Or Not: Drummer Kev is a professional Irish dancer