It's the year of the mystery band, we know that much already.

But we get the feeling that with this lot, the mystery isn't because they secretly comprise of a bunch of 40+ ex-members of mid-Nineties also-rans, or whatever.

Nashville's rabid party rock'n'rollers Diarrhoea Planet have a handful of chirpy tips from local blogs and whathaveyou, but absolutely no presence anywhere else whatsoever.

'Aloha EP' cover

It's unhinged, frantic good-times party-punk debauchery with brilliant names like our particular favourite track, 'Ghost With A Boner'.

So two requests here, if you're in the band, please drop us a line on these comments - we'd like to be friends! And to everyone else, click below to download the band's generously posted 'Aloha EP'.

Diarrhoea Planet - 'Aoha EP' (click here to download)

Thanks to Iain Baker for the tip

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