Radar Tip Of The Day 135: Palma Violets

You’ll have quite possibly heard of south London’s Palma Violets by now. Certainly, if you work in the music industry you will have done – they’re the hottest guitar band the capital has thrown up since the last hottest guitar band the capital threw up.

Possibly more so, I dunno. What I do know is that – like NME’s Hamish MacBain, who reviewed the band recently – I’ve been down to this weird house they kinda live in, complete with its psychedelic staircase and dingy Cavern Club style basement, in the achingly unhip borough of Lambeth a fair few times now. Each time I’ve had to squeeze myself into a boiling hot room with about 60 other sweaty souls to watch them play some rock’n’roll while stumbling around like they’ve just invented it.

Finally, ‘Tom The Drum’ is the first song the band have put online. It was recorded at the house, it looks a little like something Mark E Smith might have crawled out of, it’s very (VERY) rough, and it’s totally ace:

Want more? I’d heartily recommend you come along to the next do they’re putting on if you’re in London (see here for more info – it’s raising money for the aforementioned weird house to carry on hosting gigs). And if you’re not, you can catch the band playing around the country with the smoke’s other big hopes, Savages, in what is quite simply the best new music tour of the year so far. Good times!