Radar Tip Of The Day 28: Bleeding Knees Club

What is it with Aussie two-piece garage acts at the moment? You wait years for some boneshaking r’n’r from the other side of the world only for two seperate helpings to arrive in the same week.

Bleeding Knees Club (Pic: Press)

The double, double-headed takeover of the UK we’re talking about – in the shape of Brisbane duo DZ Deathrays and Queensland’s Bleeding Knees Club – was variously: pretty lawless, pretty rifftastic, pretty gnarly, pretty unpretty and totally goddam fun.

They weren’t even on tour together, that’s the mad thing. They just seemed to be playing the same towns, on the same nights, in a double-pronged attack on the senses of the UK’s gig-going public. It was a good plan, I think.

More on DZ later – see next week’s NME, in fact – but today we’ll big up Bleeding Knees Club. Alex Wall (drums) and Jordan Malane (guitar) play the kind of skuzz rock that’s perfectly suited to their moniker – literally two chords, lots of deathly loud hi-hat, the odd screeching one-note guitar solo and a load of yelps about being young and not giving a fuck. See:

Bleeding Knees Club – I

They only formed in March 2010 and, in a way, it kinda shows – they’re so raw they make prime-time Jack’n’Meg look about as polished as The Beatles. But there’s a definite beguiling chemistry there between the pair, who are on the excellent I Oh You label (alongside DZ, funnily enough).

The track ‘Have Fun’ is their clarion call, reminiscent of one of last year’s great albums that ended up doing sod all, sadly – Harlem’s ‘Hippies’. It also includes the rather magnificent line: “You found my cigarettes and you took three / They were meant to be for me”.

You can almost see the 🙁 emoticon there at the end of the line. Anyway, here it is:

So, Aussie garage bands in 2k11: like buses. But much better, obviously. Come back soon.