Mozart Parties are an enigma. The pet-project of 23-year-old London-born, Lake District-dwelling James Bennett, they're new on Merok, and the track we've got for you below is as perfect-a slice of sullen, atmospheric pop as we've heard in a long while.

Mozart Parties

Called 'Black Cloud', it offers everything you'd expect from someone who's gone from one social extreme (ie. the smoke) to the other. It also comes with the picture above, handpicked by James for all its brooding, er, broodiness.

And while it is still mega-early days for the band (live they're a five-piece), the five or so songs they played at Manchester's Deaf Institute a couple of weeks ago were impressive enough to leave us wanting more. So watch this space.

For now though, download 'Black Cloud' here and bask in its icy, isolated glory.

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