There's something weirdly compelling about watching someone drink so much
booze it can only have one puke-splattered conclusion.

DZ Deathrays
Pic: Dan Dennison

With that in mind, I defy you not to watch the following clip of Aussie duo DZ Deathrays' early single 'The Mess Up', and not balk at the final 30 seconds when drummer Simon Ridley (wearing the 'D' tee) spews his guts up. It's beautiful, in its own way.

The band, who recently made their maiden voyage to the UK and are this week's About To Break stars in the Radar section of NME, told me they knew exactly what they were getting into when filming the vid. Basically: polishing off an entire bottle of Jager in about three minutes. Fair play to 'em.

Here it is:

Grab a copy of the mag now to get the full lowdown on the band and read how, as singer Shane Parsons puts it, his favourite past time is actually taking "long, wistful walks along the beach". Do you believe him?

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