There are way too many couples in rock at the moment, but don't hold that against Peaking Lights.

Real life marrieds Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes have been releasing stuff for a few years now, originally as Rahdunes and then under their current moniker through the Not Not Fun label.

Peaking Lights

And they're mightily prolific too, especially considering they've just had a kid ("It's awesome, I usually just wear him in a sling and he passes out and Indra and I work on music," Aaron tells us). As well as the epic new video for 'Amazing & Wonderful' (below), they also dropped this excellent mixtape a few days ago (via The Minimal Beat).

There's also their ace new album '936' - elements of which remind us of King Tubby (undoubtedly: A GOOD THING). And incidentally, I hear they come highly praised from one Bobby Gillespie too, as someone at NME towers found out during a phone interview with him today. So there you go.

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