Radar Tip Of The Day 32: Bos Angeles

That name’s just begging for a Glasvegas tour support, right?

This Boscambe threepiece first got us interested a few months ago when a friend literally wouldn’t shut up about the first song the band uploaded to their Bandcamp page – ‘Beach Slalom’.

Bos Angeles
Bos Angeles (Pic: Patricia Board)

‘Go on then, impress us…’ we retorted foolishly as he stuck the track on and stood there with a smug grin. ‘Oh…’

And we’re still in that pleasantly-surprised-&-suitably-impressed stage now – every time ‘Beach Slalom’ comes on it’s a welcome reminder that there’s something manifesting itself here and that Bos Angeles have genuine potential.

It’s still early days for the band, but they’ve recently uploaded another two tracks – the slow-paced, blushingly-sweary ‘June’ and ‘Days Of Youth’, which handily fits snugly in the hypna-pop drawer.

Listen to all three tracks (start with ‘Beach Slalom’ – it’s still the best) below:

Bos Angeles’ demo tape

Aside from that, Google the band and one of the first results is this Urban Dictionary entry:

“Bos Angeles: Another slang term for Boscombe, heroin capital of England and home of the Bafia (boscombe mafia). Also features a surprisingly pleasant cafe.”

Which is very nice.

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