Seems timely to talk about brothers in bands today. For one, this happened. And then earlier this afternoon I went and talked shop with a little-known and extremely buzzworthy songwriter called, er, Ray Davies for a forthcoming NME piece (tenuous link there I know, but sod it).

More about both of them in the mag in the coming weeks though, because today's tip of the day trumps both the brothers' Gallagher and Davies.

See, The People's Temple are a fourpiece made up of two sets of siblings. Imagine the fights!

This'll probably put a huge section of you off, I'm sure, but you'd imagine Noel Gallagher would probably love the Michigan-based band. All the hallmarks are there – a nascent obsession with all the Nuggets comps, loads of analogue-y, weird sounding guitars, more than a mere shake of a maraca, and a musical interface that's part-Stooges, part-Love, part-Rolling Stones, part-13th Floor Elevators etc etc etc.

Of course, bands like this are ten-a-penny, but The People's Temple's album 'Sons Of Stone' just seems to have something with a little more... bite about it than its contemporaries. For one, they actually take on a Bunnymen-esque sound when they tone it down a little bit and add crappy (in a good way) acoustic guitars and synths, as on album closer 'Absynth'.

But the title track – above – is probably the song that best sums them up; all shimmery, shaky Strats and chuggin' lyrics about dying, crying and the like. They revisit it on the album a few tracks later too, fucking around with the tempo and turning it into something altogether more abrasive. Which is cool.

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