Are Howler gonna be the musical missives to put their native Minneapolis back on the rock'n'roll map?

The band, led by growling-goofball Jordan Gatesmith, have kicked up a helluva fuss recently – they signed to Rough Trade, released a couple of catchy-as-hell goodtime guitar blitz's online and watched as swathes of the blogosphere fell at their feet.

Those songs are now coming out as the five-track 'This One's Different' EP on August 1, and to mark the occasion the band decided to go all weird on us - by making handwritten notes and taking photos of their favourite places around town to give away with the first 50 copies of the vinyl.

Here's an example of the surefire rock'n'roll memoribillia you could get your grubby hands on:

As we said, only the first 50 copies of the 12" of 'This One's Different' (ordered through Roughtraderecords.com) will include such works of art. And yes, each one of the 50 is different, duh.

If that wasn't enough, check the vid below of a brand new tune (not on the EP) from a scratchy-as-fuck but undoubtedly decent live recording of a recent gig. It's called 'Back To The Grave':

Look out for the band when they hit the UK for their first gigs here in a few months time.

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