Hindsight is a fucker. If I'd known, roughly 16 months ago, that the odd, cold-looking duo playing weird, warped pop in a massive pillar-filled stone room in the Estonian capital Tallinn would reappear all seductive, shimmering and downright great in London this summer... Well, I'd have paid double the attention I did at the time.

Don't get me wrong, there was something decent about Maria Minerva back then - thankfully I did touch upon it in a blog about the ace Tallinn Music Week - but I wasn't completely sold at the time. I am now though. Her new single, 'Ruff Trade', is a pretty glorious take on h-pop, without getting too retroistic about it. I like the subtleties of it - it's anti-sleaze while remaining sultry; flirty yet with a message that teeters on the edge of reprising elements of the harrowing, difficult 2-Tone shocker 'The Boiler' ("push me against the door," she sings at one point, and you'tre not quite sure if she means it or not).

But most of all I just like the way it trips along, all hummable and simple:

Maria (real name Maria Juur) is now based in London. This track's taken from her debut album, 'Cabaret Cixous', out on Not Not Fun now.

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