Radar’s True Panther Sounds Love-In

New York-based label True Panther Sounds is run by the best-named label boss in the world, Dean Bein (pronounced: ‘Dean Bean’!).

Hi Dean!

I first met Dean at the Dot-To-Dot festival in Nottingham, where he was gallavanting around in a vest with his landmark signing ,Girls, like an excited pre-schooler. I shortly after that wrote a little piece for the mag about how being a label boss was the new being in a band and used Dean as one of the key examples. I was basically saying that there’s this new breed of buzz labels run by these enigmatic young entrepreneurial figures. And while they may posses rosters jam-packed full of uber-buzz new artistes, ultimately their talismanic bosses were becoming more notorious than their bands…

Hi panther!

Then Girls got really big, and that kinda ruined my whole thesis.

True Panther has a rapidly expanding roster, also featuring the likes of mysterious post-pop LA lady Glasser, afro-electro party-boys Tanlines, trancedeliacs Lemonade, San Fran gayrage-rockers Hunx And His Punx, shonky indie-popsters Magic Kids as well as starting to showcase Dean’s penchant for sounds from somewhat further afield, with his new Sierra Leone signing, Janka Nabay.
Well, anyways, I’ll let him give you his own manifesto…

True Panther Sounds is a label with its body in New York and it’s heart in San Francisco. We started out putting out handmade, limited edition singles by local bands we loved. Since then, the scale has changed quite a bit but the focus on releasing music by fearless, adventurous and honest musicians has stayed the same. We’re proud to have releases from all over the musical map and looking forward to upcoming records from Glasser, Magic Kids, Tanlines, Lemonade, Teengirl Fantasy, Janka Nabay and a few extra special secret ones you’ll find out about soon enough.

Thanks Dean! Now for loads of freebies (with exclusives a’plenty)!

Glasser – ‘Apply (Tanlines Remix)’

Teengirl Fantasy – ‘Floor To floor (Live On WFMU)’

Magic Kids – ‘Superball’

Lemonade And Glasser -‘C-Thru’ (an oldie!)

Janka Nabay – Good Governance

Girls – ‘Laura’

Lemonade – ‘Lifted (Brenmar Remix)’

And to finish up, how about some home movies:

Glasser – ‘Apply’

Tanlines -‘Three Trees’

Magic Kids – ‘Cry With Me Baby’ (One of my top five fav vids of all time)

Girls – ‘Laura’

Janka Nabay – ‘Eh Congo’

Hunx And His Punx – ‘Tears On My Telephone’