Read Girls Names’ Guide To Belfast’s Hottest Bands

The brilliant Girls Names are Radar’s ‘About To Break’ in NME this week. We asked Belfast’s finest to give us the lowdown on the scene over there at the moment. Here’s singer Cathal Cully on the bands to check out.


Belfast’s original psychedelic space-rock ensemble, Documenta, have been described as “Drone Pop influenced by the reverberations of Spacemen 3, Tamla Motown, and Can”. Need I say more? Live shows are few and far between but, if you catch them, it’s a wholly immersive experience. You can order the latest release ‘Drone Pop #2’ online from local purveyors of perversive taste SHE Records.
Charles Hurts

With Scott Walker crooning, Orange Juicesque melodies and Birthday Party fixations, Philip Quinn know’s his way around a great brooding, dark pop song. Now with Steven Henry (Clone Quartet/Hello Translinks) manning the production controls and Bass VI in hand to tidy up the rough edges, these boys might have some cult hits up their sleeves in the next few years.

Hear ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere.

Ken & Ryu

With a release scheduled on Space Dimension Controllers’ own Basic Rhythm imprint, this local producer is just one of the number of great underground electronica and dance acts coming out of Belfast. Keep an ear to the dance floor for many more blissed out intergalactic jams.

Thread Pulls

My favourite Irish band are based in Dublin, but in on a technicality because they released their latest amazing 12″ on Belfast’s CF Records. Also I’ve seen them play in Belfast more than anyone else. Hypnotic, repetitive, minimal, sparse, confrontational, mesmerising, they were the first Irish band to play ATP. DFA are fans; so should you be.

Barry’s Electric Workshop

Soundtracker, noisemonger and DIY effects/synth experimentalist Barry Cullen aka Dodgy Stereo aka Barry’s Electric Workshop has been bubbling under the Belfast circuit for years through different bands, guises and sounds. He’s a dab hand with a soldering iron and makes noise an art form with his use of homemade fuzz boxes and whatever weird paraphernalia seems to be at hand.