I just had a lovely chat with Samuel & The Dragon via the medium of Gmail-threaded messages.

I'd heard that the ethereal choirtronic Belfast ex-pats had a show-tunes die-hard in their midst. As a big musicals fan myself I figured this was a rare opportunity to talk Gilbert And Sullivan with a Hot New Band. The words: 'open', 'can', and 'worms' spring to mind.


Before you get stuck into our chit-chat, here's an exclusive to keep you sweet: Samuel & The Dragon - 'Rising Up'(click name to d/l).

ok, let's just do the interview right here...

So which one of you two is into musical theatre?

Samuel Chase
to me, jamestronic, me

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)

Well, have a guess Jaimie. Can I still be part of your cool gang? I got my skinny jeans on and haven't washed my pits in a week. Am I in?
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james cameron
to Samuel, me, me

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)


i like contemporary dance..

and i had a bath just an hour ago

and i'm not wearing any trousers right now
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Jaimie Hodgson
to james, Samuel, me

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)

The reason I ask is because I'm a big fan of musicals...

Samuel, what's your top three West End smashes?

James, put some trousers on.

Samuel Chase
to james, me, me

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)

Well, I'm not sure I believe you , Jaimie. That's why I wanted to meet in person. So I could be sure of your motives, young man. But I shall answer, nonetheless.

When I was sixteen, I was living in a homeless hostel in Belfast. I'd been living in a Childrens home that had been closed down, due to the promiscuous activities of Father Brendan and Sister Mary in the wee small hours of a weekday morn. The local paper were running a feature on a musical that was coming to Dublin. The show was 'Rent' and I loved the score.

Anyway, Mags, my outreach worker gave me the money for the train to Dublin, where I knew the auditions were being held. I turned up to this thing, not really knowing what the fuck I was going to do when I got there. Everyone was warbling into their sheet music and pirouetting across the canteen. I was there with nothing but my pearly whites and my baby blues. Anyway, the long and short of it is that the London casting director took a chance on me and cast me as the lead. Two weeks later I was saying me goodbyes to the folk at Barnardos and moving into my apartment in Dublin, performing in this show six nights a week... and that's that. I found a bit of confidence and the rest is history, young Jaimie. Feel free to rephrase this answer into something less Hollywood, should you wish..

So, that's my history with the musical. Things went downhill from then. I moved to London and was offered a part in Jesus Christ Superstar. But it was shit and they were a bunch of cunts. So I told them. And they sacked me. With full pay. Bliss.

Jaimie Hodgson
to Samuel, james, me

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)

Wow. That's better than ANY story I have in my head/life.

My three favs in order are: 1) South Pacific, 2) Little Shop Of Horrors and 3) Guys And Dolls

I used to do the sound for them at my high school and for some reason wore a boiler suit whilst doing so. One of various bizarre high school fashion initiatives I undertook.

Samuel, technically you didnt answer my orig question, what's your favourite musical then? Rent?

and james, why do they call you the dragon? is it a euphemism?

james cameron
to me, Samuel

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)

'the Dragon' wasn't actually me originally - from what I remember Samuel had mentioned that he wanted the name of the band/project etc. to sound like a children's story - or a fairytale.. (Samuel that's on the right track isn't it?) we chucked around a few alternative ideas but that one stuck - so I kind of became the Dragon by default. I have kind of taken on the role over the last year. I have a lair and breathe fire occasionally.

Samuel Chase
to me, james, me

show details 8 Nov (2 days ago)

Oh yes. Got carried away with myself, Jaimie.

'Rent' is beautiful. There have been a few awful 'remix' versions of late, trying to find a way to market the show here in the West End..getting Denise Van Outen and a bunch of corrie actors in to murder the songs and sell an extra dozen tickets. Tragic.

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