The Gay Blades – Radar’s Fave New Big Apple Scallywags

A little teaser for this week’s Radar in the mag.

The Gay Blades are a two-piece who look like extras in a New Millennium New York adaption of Oliver Twist, in fact, no, scrap that, they look like the two burglars from Home Alone. Yeah, that’s it. And judging by the zany, bantering mischief they get up to on this video they made specially for us, their lives garner just as many comic consequences.

Behind the glamourous curtain of an NME shoot with The Gay Blades.

They make brutalized trash-glam indie-folk (yes, I can get away with hyphenating that many genres together, OK? It’s late in the day), and everyone in the NME office is getting in all of a fluster over them. Go to their Myspace and listen to ‘O Shot’.

We put em as our lead Radar this week, and instead of sending us the usual crate of Grey Goose vodka we expect for such favours, we got palmed off with this free MP3. Cheers guys. Oh well, you guys may as well have it, it’s called ‘Bob Dylan’s 115th Nightmare’ (not a cover). Which is nice, I guess.