I've been keeping tabs on Canadian songsmith Tobias Jesso Jr ever since I first heard his amazing debut track 'Just A Dream' some 12 months ago. I'm a sucker for all those John Lennon Dakota piano demos from the late 70s, which is probably why I connected with it so heartily from the off.

Since then, we've had a couple of further tracks to contend with, and a few rumours about the record he's been making. In truth, I'm just as intrigued about it all today as I was last August, which is really saying something.

It's only now, though, that we've been able to actually see Tobias in action, via this live video recorded for La Blogothèque in a busy bar in LA (it's The Kibitz Room in Canter's Deli, if you were wondering). Featuring two tracks - newie 'Without You' and 'Just A Dream' - it's a perfect introduction to his rising star.

Tobias is set to hit Europe this October for his first shows here.

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