Wild Nothing – Breaking A Lo-Fi Armistice

A while back after my sixteenth feature on one of their artists in a month, I quietly imposed a ban on any Captured Tracks artists on my pages. It had just gotten silly, it felt like Radar had become a sponsored advertorial for them.

Anyways, after a month of listening to the Wild Nothing debut at least every other day I conceded that I might have to lift the ban.

Jack had been told numerous times not to get changed in the laundrette

It’s one chap from Virginia who goes by the name Jack Tatum. In terms of describing his sound, I shall say this: if the lo-fi revolution instigated by the Czar Mike Sniper and his Captured Tracks foot soldiers set your heart a’racing, then you’re in real luck. Without taking anything away from any of the roster, I’m sure they’d be the first to admit they have a pretty distinguishable aesthetic.

WN specialise in humming, soft-focus garage indie. But the tunes come gleaming through immaculately in tact, teeming and longing. Every song on the album is a keeper.

Here’s one, exclusively for you. It’s called: ‘The Witching Hour’.