Yuck – ‘The Underage Scene’ Comes Of Age

One of the last things I remember about the NME Christmas party was someone making one of the ominous, exasperated ‘what ever happened to?’ comments about Cajun Dance Party. That probably makes the party sound a lot less fun than it was. There was a hog roast.

Anyhoo- I got back from a well-timed holiday in mid-Jan and the answer was lying in my inbox.

Shove your face in and go ‘brrrrrrr’

They hung out in sand dunes in hippy communes, learned about good music (early Nineties Lou Barlowist ‘proper’ indie), went bowling, a lot, and grew hair on their balls. Not the girl, that is. Dunno what she’s up to. This is just Daniel and Max. Oh and they found another two as well. One with a massive fro and a new cute lady bass player.

When James Mcmahon caught up with Yuck, their new band, for this week’s lead Radar feature in the mag,
they chatted to him about one of those activities in great detail (see the below video). For more on the rest of those activities, check this week’s mag. Should be a fun year for them.


Here’s a new exclusive download: Yuck – ‘Sunday’.