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Two Unseen Paintings Of Paul McCartney Have Been Uncovered – But A Third Is Still Missing

John Bratby was an innovative British artist who found fame – and notoriety – in the 1950s and 1960s for this brash and wilfully rudimentary style of painting, characterised by thick brushstrokes and murky colouring. The painter, born in 1928, was regarded as a "radical realist" for his refusal to sugarcoat his images and himself described the style as "tubist", referring to his technique of squeezing paint straight from the tube and onto the canvas.

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David Bowie: Rare Photos From His Early Years

Look below. Last year these never-before-seen pics of David Bowie, taken by photographer Brian Ward shortly before he shot the iconic 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' sleeve on London's Heddon Street in January 1972. Actually, there's four of them. Further proof that Bowie was, for a period of time, the undisputed coolest man alive.

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The Big Adele Infographic – Her Record-Breaking Reign In Mind-Boggling Numbers

Well, what a big week Adele had last week. It was QUITE the record breaker for our girl from Tottenham, whose third album 25 took over the entire world. She kicked Oasis to the kerb! '25' took almost half of ALL album sales in the UK on its day of release! There's now a copy in 3% of all homes in Britain! That one is actually way more impressive if you properly think about it. Anyway, here are some more mega numbers behind Adele's massive week in music.

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