There's very few things that make January worthwhile. Film season is one (Shame being the highlight so far - read the review here - and of course the Golden Globes). Erm, what else? Well, nothing, save for annual onslaught of new band lists and tips for the year ahead.

With that in mind, we recently picked 100 names for you to check out, a massive list of new music that should see you through the next couple of months. Here's 20 of the best in glorious widescreen. Drop your own tips at the bottom, and listen to all 100 in our bespoke Soundcloud player at the end.

Photo: Tom Oxley/NME
[caption]Not actually grime at all, Claire Boucher is rethinking electro pop instead. Photo: Tom Oxley/NME[/caption]

Photo: Roger Sargent/NME
[caption]Fred Macpherson's latest project, a dapper arch indie collective. Photo: Roger Sargent/NME[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]A$AP Rocky[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME
[caption]Harlem's new rap prodigy, just signed for big bucks. Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]DZ Deathrays[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Amy Brammall/NME
[caption]Australian noiseniks that call to mind The Scare. Remember them? Photo: Amy Brammall/NME[/caption]

Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME
[caption]2012's answer to The Strokes - expect a very successful year from this lot. Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Wise Blood[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Press
[caption]A gloriously chaotic mess of Led Zep beats and Outkast-style funk. Photo: Press[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Azealia Banks[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Richard Johnson/NME
[caption]You must know Banksy by now - rap's potty-mouted protegee. Photo: Richard Johnson/NME[/caption]

Photo: Matt Salacuse/NME
[caption]Angular indie thrills from the Brooklyn collective. Photo: Matt Salacuse/NME[/caption]

Photo: Eoin Carey
[caption]Clue's in the title - kind of. Photo: Eoin Carey. [/caption]
[Pic from The Skinny]

[numberedlistitem]Willis Earl Beal[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Press
[caption]The fact XL picked him tells you all you need to know. Go listen. Photo: Press[/caption]

Photo: David Edwards/NME
[caption]Bad name, great tunes from the sisters, who come hotly-tipped by Hayden Thorpe no less. Photo: David Edwards/NME[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]King Krule[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Mikael Gregorsky/NME
[caption]He may sport "African sunset" hair, and only be 17, but the hype-adverse teenager will be doing Big Things this year. Photo: Mikael Gregorsky/NME[/caption]

Photo: Press
[caption]London's Citizens were tagged in the new bands issue as the new Franz Ferdinand. Alex Kapranos himself tips them, so check them out. Photo: Press[/caption]

Photo: Stew Capper/NME
[caption]Formed from some of the ashes of Joe Lean's band, these Londoners look instead to The Horrors for their inspiration. Photo: Stew Capper/NME[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Alabama Shakes[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME
[caption]Rough Trade's raucous soul rocker from, you guessed it, Alabama. Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Apes & Horses[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Press
[caption]Parisian duo, for fans of Wu Lyf and Talking Heads. Photo: Press[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Frank Ocean[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Press
[caption]Odd Future's smooth soul crooner, striking out on his own. Photo: Press[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Dog Is Dead[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Press
[caption]Nottingham boys fond of harmonies, for Fleet Foxes and Mumford fans especially, but everyone welcome. Photo: Press[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Zulu Winter[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Press
[caption]Branded "the new Foals" in the mag, but sharing DNA with the Vaccines and Friendly Fires too. Download 'Never Leave'. Photo: Press[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Milk Music[/numberedlistitem]
Photo: Jean Nagai
[caption]The most exciting DIY band to come out of America in years. Photo: Jean Nagai[/caption]

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