20 Photos To Make You Love David Bowie Even More

Today is a very good day. Not only is it David Bowie's 66th birthday, but he's only bloody gone and released a new single. It's called 'Where Are We Now?', it precedes an album, 'The Next Day', and by Christ we're excited. By way of communicating our sense of exaltation, here are a few of our favourite Bowie photos, spanning the entirety of his glory-drenched, endlessly fascinating career.

[numberedlistitem]Family-Man Bowie[/numberedlistitem]

[caption]With son Duncan Jones, who grew up to be the acclaimed director of movies Moon and Source Code. Photo: Redferns[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Bouffant Bowie[/numberedlistitem]

[caption]Posing with the model Twiggy for the cover of the 'Pin Ups' album, 1973. Photo: Hulton Archive[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Boozy Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Pouring a drink in London, 1966. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Folky Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Posing with an unnamed model for Boyfriend magazine, Kingly Street, London, 1963. Photo: Redferns[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Cross-Legged Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]At home in Beckenham, April 1972. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Kung-Fu Bowie[/numberedlistitem]

[caption]Onstage at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, 1977. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Rock Royalty Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Watching Live Aid at Wembley Stadium with Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, July 13, 1985. Also in shot: Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Bob Geldof. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Public Transport Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Seen off at the station by wife Angie, July 9, 1973. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Hippy Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]At a party thrown by publicist Rodney Bingenheimer at lawyer Paul Figen's house, Los Angeles, 1971. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Sharp-Suited Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]With Paul McCartney, backstage at Live Aid, 1985. Photo: Getty[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]High-Rolling Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Posing beside his Rolls-Royce, London, May 1973. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Art-Pop Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Onstage with Anne Lennox, April 1992[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Coked-Up Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]With wife Angie, arriving at London's Cafe Royal for the 'Ziggy Stardust'... end-of-tour party. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Nice Guy Bowie[/numberedlistitem]

[caption]With Debbie Harry of Blondie, November 1980. Bowie was starring in a theatrical production of The Elephant Man at the time.[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Sax-Playing Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Onstage with Tin Machine at London's Brixton Academy, November 1991. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]90s Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]Onstage in January 1990. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Off-The-Rails Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]The 'Victoria Station' incident. Bowie came under fire after appearing to give a Nazi salute upon returning home after the 'Station To Station' tour, 1976. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Fresh-Faced Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]February 1970, a time of great excitement - he'd recently had his first hit, with 'Space Oddity', and was about to get married. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Alt-Rock Bowie[/numberedlistitem]
[caption]At the Brit Awards, February 1999. He released his twenty-first studio album 'Hours...' a few months later. Photo: PA[/caption]

[numberedlistitem]Naughty Bowie[/numberedlistitem]

[caption]With Angie in London, 1974. Photo: PA[/caption]


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