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2012 - The Year In Quotes

By Luke Lewis

Posted on 14 Dec 12


It's been a vintage twelve months for acerbic wit, acid putdowns and verbal oddness. Here's a selection of musicians running their mouths off, with invariably hilarious consequences. Only one question remains: who has the biggest mouth?

Photo: Mathieu Zazzo/NME

Pete Doherty may be finally tiring of leading the life of a Libertine. Photo: Mathieu Zazzo/NME

Photo: Ed Miles/NME

The Olympics may have been a success, but Plan B argues the problems of the riots remain. Photo: Ed Miles/NME

Photo: Dean Chalkley/NME

Noel Gallagher is suitably circumspect upon winning NME's Godlike Genius Award. Photo: Dean Chalkley/NME

Photo: PA

Marcus Mumford shares a moment with Barack Obama. Photo: PA

Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds thinks society's problems go beyond Mayan prophecies. Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

Photo: Dean Chalkley/NME

Liam Gallagher really should take up football commentary. Photo: Dean Chalkley/NME

Photo: PA

Lana Del Rey's lyrical observation that "my pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola" may have been the year's strangest product placement. Photo: PA

Photo: PA

Lady Gaga takes issue with the NME. Photo: PA

Photo: PA

Ke$ha got physical with a ghost. Photo: PA

Photo: Amy Brammall/NME

John Lydon isn't a fan of Dave and Nick, surprisingly enough. Photo: Amy Brammall/NME

Photo: Andy Willsher/NME

Jake Bugg declares war on Simon Cowell. Photo: Andy Willsher/NME

Photo: Carsten Windhorst/NME

Grimes had to make her own entertainment in Canada. Photo: Carsten Windhorst/NME

Photo: PA

Frank Ocean won hearts by opening his. Photo: PA

Photo: PA

Deadmau5 doesn't hold back on the Material Girl. Photo: PA

Photo: Guy Eppel/NME

It's not the end for the Foo Fighters - Dave Grohl is taking a break. Photo: Guy Eppel/NME

Photo: PA

Afte Lana Del Rey covers 'Heart Shaped Box', Courtney Love gives us all this delightful mental image. Photo: PA

Photo: Ross Gilmore/NME

Alice Glass won't be recruiting Perry's 'California Gurls' stylist any time soon. Photo: Ross Gilmore/NME

Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME

Ronnie Vannucci is playing with fire - have the Secret Service heard about this? Photo: Pieter M Van Hattem/NME

Photo: PA

Kanye West, shy and retiring. Photo: PA

Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

But at least Tim Burgess will save his septum. Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

Jordan from Howler isn't shy about England's appeal. Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

Photo: Tom Martin/NME

Este from Haim has her sights on Spiderman's Andrew Garfield. Photo: Tom Martin/NME

Photo: PA

Dappy isn't as stupid as he looks - that would be impossible. Photo: PA

Photo: Andy Willsher/NME

We, er, didn't say you were, Billie Joe Armstrong. Photo: Andy Willsher/NME

Photo: Dan Kendall/NME

Fashion-obsessed rapper ASAP Rocky should maybe invest in some underwear. Photo: Dan Kendall/NME

Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

Patrick from The Black Keys won't be being invited to Chad Kroeger's wedding. Photo: Richard Johnson/NME


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