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Yoko Ono Marked John Lennon's 75th Birthday With A 2,000-Strong Human Peace Sign – See The Photos

Yoko Ono brought together over two thousand people in Central Park yesterday (October 6) to honour what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday later this week. Students, activists, drummers and New York politicians gathered together to form a massive peace symbol in Central park, New York City, at midday. And the huge memorial was also accompanied by performances from musicians including The Kinks' Dave Davies. Here's what happened...

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Radiohead's 'Kid A' Turns 15 – Relive Their Famous 'Big Top' London Shows From 2000

During Radiohead's fleeting, five-week 'Kid A' Tour in 2000, they spent three nights at London's Victoria Park, from September 23-25. In a Big Top tent, with Victorian-style tickets and posters (see below), the band played all but two songs from their unreleased album 'Kid A' – and some from 2001's 'Amnesiac' as well – which meant more than 50% of their set was formed of unreleased material. But their shrewd juxtapositions of old and new ('Paranoid Android' with 'Idioteque', 'No Surprises' with 'How To Disappear Completely', 'Just' with 'Everything In Its Right Place') proved they knew exactly what they were doing with their 8,000-strong crowd, turning the huge tent into an intimate space. See evidence of their showmanship below:

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David Bowie: Previously Unseen Photos From His Early Years

Look below. That’s a never-before-seen pic of David Bowie, taken by photographer Brian Ward shortly before he shot the iconic 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' sleeve on London's Heddon Street in January 1972. Actually, there's four of them. Further proof that Bowie was, for a period of time, the undisputed coolest man alive.

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23 Incredible Photos That Defined Festival Season 2015

Stick your tent and wellies back in the cupboard under the stairs – festival season is over for another year. Capturing the madness and muddiness every step of the way were NME's crack team of photographers, who across the summer jostled their way to the front of performances by the biggest and best in music to sit on NME.com. Here's 23 of their finest...

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Muse's 2016 'Drones' Tour – Inside The Making Of Their Most Ambitious Shows Ever

Muse announced a huge arena tour last week – then celebrated by playing one of their most intimate shows in more than a decade. The trio let word slip of their last-minute surprise show at Electric Ballroom in London with just hours to spare, sparking a rush down to the Camden venue for first-come, first-served tickets. We were there, not only to report on the hysteria that ensued when the band finally took to the stage, but to get a glimpse into how preparations were going for next year's tour, from the clever creatives responsible for designing it.

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Bring Me The Horizon – Behind The Scenes At Leeds Festival With Oli Sykes' Band On The Brink

"We want to be as big as Foo Fighters and Linkin Park – to break the mainstream, to be a heavy band that you don't have to be into heavy music to like. That's our one goal. To be as big as this band can possibly be." Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes is sat in his dressing room behind the Main Stage at Leeds 2015, a few hours from what feels like a milestone show in the metal bruisers' career. Sat just below headliners Metallica on the bill, with a new album – the expansive 'That's The Spirit' – to preview in front of a hometown Yorkshire crowd, you'd forgive him and his bandmates for being swallowed by nerves. Instead, Sykes' mind is trained on even greater glories ahead. "We've always been a band that's never set goals. But right now it doesn't feel like there's any limit to where we can go," he says, calmly. "It does feel like we're on the brink on something."

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