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Rock Icons Reborn As CD Mosaics

By Lucy Jones

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Posted on 30 Aug 12


Does anyone remember the golden age of Art Attack with Neil Buchanan? The best bit of the long-running children's art show was the bit at the end when he made a picture on a huge scale using various objects. There was that picture of the Queen made up of £250,000 worth of £10 notes. It's not just fans of 'Big Art Attack' who will appreciate a recent exhibition of rock star portraits along similar lines.

TBWA Italy, a Milanese ad agency, used 6,500 CDs to create pictures of Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury. It took artists Mirco Pagano, 29, and Moreno De Turco, 25, 200 hours and, in each case, they even used the musicians' own CDs. It makes it even cooler that it was part of a campaign against music piracy. Pagano said:

"Piracy infects and destroys music, preventing artists to succeed and become idols as in the past. Their recognition is at risk. Only original CDs allow us to understand who they are and make them universally recognisable icons. A portrait made of pirate CDs would create a non-artist.

1Freddie Mercury - 'Too Much Love Will Kill You'

Image: TBWA
All photos courtesy of TBWA

2James Brown - 'Can't Stand Your Love'

Image: TBWA

3Jim Morrison - 'This Is The End'

Image: TBWA

4Jimi Hendrix - 'I Don't Live Today'

Image: TBWA

5Michael Jackson - 'The Way You Make Me Feel'

Image: TBWA

6Bob Marley - 'Is This Love?'

Image: TBWA

7Elvis - 'Don't Be Cruel'

Image: TBWA

8Michael Jackson

Image: TBWA


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