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The Amazing Song Map Returns

By Luke Lewis

Posted on 18 May 12


A while ago I wrote about the amazing Songmap, a litho print of an imaginary streetmap made up of song titles. The handiwork of the talented We Are Dorothy, it caught the eye of St Etienne, who have used an updated version as their new album sleeve. You can check out the gorgeous artwork below. Prints are available to buy too.

Picture: We Are Dorothy
Here's St Etienne's Bob Stanley: "The songmap is a musical city. Whenever I walk down a street I have a song in my head. And plenty of songs have a visual counterpart, a snapshot in my mind - this could relate to where I first heard the song, or for no apparent reason. I hear the Monkees' 'Headquarters' album and I'm looking at the street below from the kitchen window of the flat we rented in Malmo while recording 'Good Humor'. I hear Otis Redding's 'Dock Of The Bay' and I'm on the corner of Bartlett Street in South Croydon (no idea why). Glen Campbell's 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix' goes with the A23 in Hooley - probably not the image Jimmy webb had in mind when he wrote it."

Picture: We Are Dorothy

Bob Stanley: "These images - street corners, alleyways, bus stops, shop fronts - are all attached to specific songs in my mind, like some odd version of synasthesia. The songmap is as close to a visual version as we could get - the album booklet expands on the idea, but the map is more universal. I like the notion of all the journeys you can take on the map, with a different playlist each time. All the songs are ones we like (yes, even Leo Sayer's 'Orchard Road'), so it should always be a rewarding journey."

Picture: We Are Dorothy


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