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Who Is Harley Quinn? Suicide Squad's Psychotic Cheerleader Explained

Forget the lizard face guy, the gang member who can shoot flames from his hands, the martial arts woman and Will Smith, who can basically just aim really well. All of the internet chatter about the upcoming movie adaptation of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad - the gang of imprisoned supervillains forced to save the world against their will - is about Harley Quinn, the wise-cracking psycho punk cheerleader played by Margot Robbie from The Wolf Of Wall Street. For fans, this is the long-awaited big screen debut for a character that’s had their eyes on stilts on page, screen and Playstation since 1992, and who is considered one of the greatest Batman villains of all time. But for the as-yet un-enraptured here’s the skinny on the year’s most talked-about anti-heroine. Who is Harley Quinn? You're about to find out.

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Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Discuss Johnny Depp’s Dog Problem And The Recent Return Of Ali G

The new Alice film, Alice Through The Looking Glass, required more than 1,000 extras. It had a set, for the village of Witzend, that measured 2230 square metres and took 35,000 man-hours to build. But there’s only one Sacha Baron Cohen, and he fills the new role of Time inimitably. The personified Time is a curious figure, neither hero nor villain, and against his permission Alice travels back into Wonderland’s past to save the day.

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What Is Shia LaBeouf Trying To Tell Us With These Mysterious Coordinates?

Shia LaBoeuf has shown us what it’s like to watch him watching Transformers 3. In December he allowed fans to call him in Liverpool. On many other occasions, he’s proven that he’s just a bit of a genius. So it was intriguing to see that, 11 days ago on May 9, the actor and performance artist started tweeting daily sets of coordinates to random locations surrounding the city of Denver, in Colorado.

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The Most Buzzed About Films At The Cannes Film Festival

Can't make it to Cannes? Never fear – all the best movies at the annual Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off today, will be coming at you real soon. For now, though, here are the most buzzed-about films that the beautiful people will be enjoying at the festival over the next couple of weeks.

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