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Enjoy This GIF Of Zac Efron Falling Over, Why Don't You?

You may be wondering where and why this happened, so let's start with that: it was on a beach where the Baywatch reboot was filming towards a release date of May 2017. The star of High School Musical, 17 Again and Bad Neighbours, struggling with the friable sand, unlike his fellow cast member Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and tumbled in a heap on the floor. Have a look at the glorious fall for yourself:

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Best Stoner Films

If, currently at this very moment, you're hunched over your laptop dripping ash onto the keyboard, eyes the colour of Satan's arse cheeks, a rictus grin from ear to ear enjoying some of the finest 'herb' outside of your mama's spice rack, then you definitely know it's 420 today.

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15 Ways ‘Drop Dead Fred’ Remains A Classic 25 Years On

Drop Dead Fred was one of the weirdest kids' films of the nineties. The 12-rated comedy started with a little kid branding her mother's bedtime story "a pile of shit" and ended with another little girl living her twisted imagined daydreams with the titular green-clad madman played by Rik Mayall. It appeared to be an air-headed slapstick comedy film about nothing in particular, but really it was about self-respect and the courage it takes to be alone – not that it always expressed itself in the most coherent terms. Still, rewatching it today is a nostalgia trip: here's everything that makes it a classic, 25 years on from its release.

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Half Man-Bear! Earth Dude! Water Lady! Meet Защитники, Russia’s Weird Answer To Fantastic Four

Alternate history movies and superhero movies have been done before (WWII crossover Captain America was out not long ago) but this Cold War-set superhero movie has a difference: it’s from Russia, with the superpowers reflecting what Wikipedia is currently calling the “strengths and traditions of the people of the USSR”. For some reason, that means there’s a half-bear, a dude who can move earth with his mind, a lady who can turn into water, and a wind-related person who’s good with swords.

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Is This Photo A Clue To Star Wars Episode VIII's Story?

Belated birthday wishes to Daisy Ridley – the Star Wars star turned 24 yesterday (April 10), and to celebrate, co-star Mark Hamill tweeted a picture of himself and Rey, taken about a week ago. In the picture, Ridley is carrying Hamill on her back, much like Hamill (as Luke Skywalker) carried his Jedi master, the diminutive Yoda, in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

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Michael Shannon Talks Thriller 'Midnight Special', Working With Jeff Nichols And Becoming Elvis

In Midnight Special, former Superman villain Michael Shannon plays a father who rescues his son from a mysterious cult and goes on the run from the Federal Government. Director Jeff Nichols delivers a gripping supernatural chase movie through the back roads of the American South. The Boardwalk Empire star talked to NME about working with Joel Edgerton, his band Corporal and becoming The King for his next film, Elvis & Nixon.

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