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Watch Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Explain Why Their 'Ride Along 2' Characters Clash With Each Other

When Ice Cube and Kevin Hart's action comedy Ride Along became a surprise box office hit in 2014, grossing an impressive $154 million (£107 million) globally, a sequel was pretty much inevitable. Sure enough, Ride Along 2 opens in cinemas this weekend and in the best possible way, it offers more of the same: Ice Cube's deadpan detective James Payton has another tough case to crack, but he'd rather not be doing it with Kevin Hart's fast-talking junior officer Ben Barber, who also happens to be his future brother-in-law.

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The Guy Who Created 'Snottydink' On 'The Apprentice' On His New Kids' Book 'Gobble Gruff' – And What It's Really Like On The BBC Show

Sam Curry and Elle Stevenson failed to win the children's book task on The Apprentice recently, but their kid lit creation Snottydink became an unexpected IRL success. Copies have since sold on eBay for close to £70 - yes, really - and How To Train Your Dragon author Cressida Cowell has declared herself a fan of the mythical elephant/dragon hybrid. So in a display of pluck and chutzpah that Sir Alan Sugar would surely approve of, Curry and Stevenson have teamed up again to create another children's book about a unique-sounding creature, Gobble Gruff. Sam gave NME a call yesterday to explain all - and share his thoughts on what being an Apprentice candidate is really like.

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The First Trailer For 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Has Arrived And It's Filled With Threat And Menace

The first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse has been released this afternoon and it's a tense affair filled with threat and menace. It begins with the new Jean Grey played by Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner dreaming about the end of the world, then introduces the über-baddie who provides the film's title: Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse. As Rose Byrne's CIA agent Moira MacTaggert explains, Apocalypse is believed by many to be the first ever mutant, and his power is apparently so all-encompassing that he can even control other mutants. We then see Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique trying to rally her fellow mutants in a bid to thwart Apocalypse, who wants to destroy the world as we know it so he can essentially reboot humanity. Yep, it's heavy stuff.

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