5 Movie Memes That Just Won’t Die

Meme (n): “A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.”

Apologies for coming over all ‘A-Level Essay’ with that opening but there are many of us approaching our 30’s that require descriptions of youthful parlance. You know, the kind of person that still uses the word ‘parlance’. You know, the kind of person that pronounces it ‘me-me’ to the howls of derision from those occupying the middle school playground that he really shouldn’t be hanging out in.

Anyway. Here’s some meeeems that will hopefully tickle your ribs in a completely consensual and non sex offenders register kind of way.

In years to come historians will question whether Ryan Gosling’s success was due to his obvious talent, his ubiquity on the silver screen in 2011 or whether, in fact, every iota of his prosperity was due to the Hey Girl phenomenon. For the uninitiated, the Ryan Gosling meme began as a Tumblr consisting of pictures of the ruddy lovely Canadian accompanied by text beginning ‘Hey Girl’ and usually ending with something gusset-wettingly romantic. That the man oft referred to as Baby Goose read some of these out on MTV, through fits of hysterics, only makes him even more worthy of having FuckYeah preceding his name.
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Inception 3-Panel

When Richard Dawkins coined the term ‘meme’ in his deity-wedgying tome, The Selfish Gene, he probably didn’t predict that the future definition of the word would be, “picture of movie character caught pulling a funny face adjacent to reasonably humorous observation”. With that in mind the first Inception meme saw Cillian Murphy asking Leo why Michael Caine didn’t just bring his kids to Paris. From there Christopher Nolan’s “so cool to hate” mini-classic was picked on more than the Star Wars kid…
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The Star Wars Kid

Ghyslain Razaa was never going to enjoy his teenage years much. For starters his parents didn’t think about the fact that the only possible way to pronounce his name was to begin with the playground baiting ‘Jizz’. Secondly he was pretty hefty and liked Star Wars. A lot. Things came to a head when, in 2002, some bastard classmates found a video of him jumping round his garage like Darth Maul on Ritalin and posted it on YouTube. The rest is meme history. Mash-ups, edits, references on shows from Arrested Development to Family Guy. Jizzy was world famous. Happily, the story has a nice conclusion with Mr. Razaa now studying law and working as president for a conservation effort. The geek shall inherit… yada yada yada.
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Conspiracy Keanu

For those waiting patiently for Bill And Ted’s Third Outing (working title only) you can satisfy yourself with a picture of Ted Theodore Logan musing on life’s infinite puzzles like, “What If… we CAN breathe in space but they just don’t want us to escape” and “What if cats have their own internet and it’s full of pictures of us”. Certainly kills three minutes of time.
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Hitler. He was a card, wasn’t he? Forgetting the fact that he murdered millions of innocent fathers, mothers and children, Adolf, or Dolfy to his mates, has made amends for his genocidal tendencies by providing YouTube mirth for nearly as many people as he killed by way of the ‘Downfall/Hitler Reacts’ clips in which his final days rant is replaced with whichever pop culture reference makes the news that day. Michael Jackson’s death, 2 Girls 1 Cup, even Kony 2012 got Hitler taking note. Unsurprisingly he wasn’t best pleased about any of them.
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Of course that’s just a small selection of what people do with their spare time these days. “Tsk, kids today. I didn’t fight in two World Wars…” etc. With any hope they’ll all be mauled to death by a sneezing panda.