‘Aquaman’ the movie: everything we know so far about the new DC film

He might be the wettest of all superheroes.

How do you solve a problem like Aquaman? The DC Comics character, whose career began with him battling Nazis in the 1940s, has long been the butt of superhero jokes. He looks faintly ridiculous, lugging that daft trident all over the seabed and having his powers reduced whenever he leaves the sea (check the Family Guy episode where he’s unable to prevent a serous crime because he daren’t step of out the water).

Yet there’s a big budget Aquaman movie coming next year, and – hoo boy – it’s no laughing matter. Seems as though the wet wonder is to receive the The Dark Knight treatment; he’s gonna be all serious and brooding. No easy feat for a character whose mum has been a mermaid and whose dad has been a wizard (the backstory is flexible, as we shall see). Here’s everything we know right now…

Jason Momoa signs autographs. He’s Aquaman dontcha know

What’s the ‘Aquaman The Movie’ release date?

Put December 21, 2018  in your diary: that’s when you’re gonna get wet. Plenty of time to find some goggles, a pair of flippers and a trusty trident, so you can ensure that you watch it properly.

What’s the plot of the new Aquaman movie?

 The character was given a new lease of life when the DC Rebirth comics series attempted to redeem him in 2016. Writer Dan Abnett told The Guardian that our hero is “well-known but he’s not iconic, which is appealing [from] a writer’s point of view. You can do things with him because he’s not cemented in the public’s minds.”

In 2018 Aquaman will attempt to imbue the character – aka Arthur Curry – with some gravitas. A synopsis leaked earlier in the year: “Aquaman will centre on Aquaman as a reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis who is caught between land dwellers that are always polluting the globe and his own people who are ready to invade the surface.”

So, the emphasis will be on the folks of Atlantis as a misunderstood minority, an issue that could be read as a metaphor for real-world events in America. This led those involved with the movie to jokingly dub it ‘The Wet Wing’, an excellent gag that perhaps indicates that the movie won’t be quite as holier-than-thou as the billing implies.

Is there an Aquaman trailer?

Not for the new film itself, but Aquaman appeared in the Justice League ensemble movie, so, for now, here’s his special trailer from that.

Where and when was Aquaman filmed?

With a $160m budget, the movie went in production in May 2017 and wrapped up five months later on October 21. Much of the filming took place on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Nice work if you can get it!

What does the Aquaman cast look like?

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa has sunk his trident in the lead role, while Amber Heard will portray Mera, Queen of Atlantis. Willem Dafoe has been cast as Atlantis’ chief scientific advisor Nuidis Vulko; Dolph Lungdren as Nereus, the king of the undersea nation of Xebel; Nicole Kidman as Arthur’s mother Atalanna; and Patrick Wilson as his dodgy half-brother Orm.

Dolph Lungdren

Who has directed Aquaman?

That would be James Wan, the noted horror film director who scared the bejeesus out of you with Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring. He explained to Entertainment Weekly: “It’s going to look very different. It will feel very different – aesthetically, tonally, story-wise – as my own take.” He added that, despite this sense of individuality, the film will be “much more a traditional action-adventure quest movie.” The prospect of the new Aquaman becomes ever more curious.