Bill And Ted 3, And The Film Sequels We’d Love To See

With the non-non-non-non-non heinous news that Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan may be strapping back on the guitars and stepping back into the phone box for a very belated follow-up to 1991’s Bogus Journey, NME sat down to contemplate, configure and conceptualise which films we’d like to see get the sequel treatment, from the highly likely to the highly unlikely.

bill and ted

Bill and Ted 3

Original Cast: Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Speed), Alex Winters (The Lost Boys, Freaked). Director: Stephen Herek and Peter Hewitt.

Room For Another? When we last saw the erstwhile duo they were in fully fledged ‘saving the world’ mode after fighting off bogus robot versions of themselves (complete with anatomically correct ‘chubbies’), making friends with the Reaper and hanging out with their princess wives and babies.

Possible Plot: Just what happened in the time from Bogus’ third act end to its epilogue? We know the pair finally learnt how to play and had sprogs of their own (we hope they had earmuffs) but just how did rock and roll save the world? Whichever way they bring it, you’d have to hope Death will show again. Sadly George Carlin is no longer around to guide them.

Coming Soon? According to Keanu it might just be. The writers are apparently “six weeks away from a draft”. Although in movie world first draft to finished film can be an eternity.


Ghostbusters 3

Original Cast: Bill Murray (Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation), Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Galaxy Quest) Director: Ivan Reitman (Evolution, Stripes)

Room For Another? Despite accusations of GBII being rushed and undercooked, the end result is still a decent enough flick and, as a love letter to New York, a surprisingly touching one. There’s plenty of mileage for the proton-packing quartet as long as they don’t go the ‘handing over the reins’ route.

Possible Plot: And therein lies the rub. Weaver hinted that Oscar (the baby from II) could play a role which would fit into the speculation of inheritance. A more attractive prospect is Ghostbusters in Hell an idea that chief writer Dan Akroyd shipped about in the 90s. Sadly this may be a little dark for studios hoping to reinvigorate what was always a family event movie.

Coming Soon? Again another 20 year gap makes the possibility seem less and less likely. Bill Murray has always been the spanner in the works of the threequel (even though he did lend his voice to the recent video game). IMDb currently has a planned release date of Christmas 2012. You can call that overly optimistic…


Jurassic Park 4

Original Cast: Sam Neil (The Piano, Event Horizon), Laura Dern (Blue Velvet, Inland Empire), Jeff Goldblum (Independence Day, The Fly). Director: Steven Spielberg (Jaws, Schindler’s List).

Room For Another? While JPII tried to get off the island, with dire results, JPIII went for the tried and tested formula of humans running away from scaly things in a restricted area. Neither one was a patch on the classic original so where could they go?

Possible Plot: While 3D Dinosaurs does seem a worthwhile reason to pop on the glasses, there doesn’t seem to be a story to base the oooh’s and aaaah’s around, short of setting the film 65,000,000,000 years in the future and having the non-extinct dinosaurs clone the now dead humans, who then escape and run wild with their opposable thumbs. That could work.

Coming Soon? There was this little glimpse of hope for T-Rex fans a few months back but nothing since. Considering every sane man, woman or child would hope that Spielberg’s involvement with any further JP’s would be as stegosaurus-sized as possible, one look at his up-coming projects shows that JP4 may be a very, very long way off.


Leon 2

Original Cast: Jean Reno (The Big Blue, Ronin), Natalie Portman (Black Swan, Garden State). Director: Luc Besson (Nikita, The Fifth Element).

Room For Another? Ever since the late 90’s rumours have ebbed and flowed about a follow-up to this tale of the hitman and her. One big factor preventing any further offerings is the fact that (SPOILER ALERT) the big guy doesn’t make it to the end credits.

Possible Plot: Speculation has been fuelled by occasional hints from the one-time Mathilda that she’d be more than happy to pick up the story a decade or so on. One fanboy favourite plotline is a Godfather Part II style story of Mathilda’s rise to hit-girl juxtaposed with Leon’s reason for coming to America.

Coming Soon? Despite Portman’s desire to pick up a .45, director Besson is having little of it. A few years back he had this to say: “People say ‘Oh, I’ve written the sequel – here! I’ll send you the script.’ And I basically send a lawyer and say ‘Fuck you! It’s not yours'”. He did leave a glimmer of hope however, stating,”If we do a sequel, I will write the sequel. I don’t need anyone.”

Big L

The Big Lebowski 2

Cast: Jeff Bridges (Tron, True Grit), John Goodman (Monsters Inc. O Brother Where Art Thou) Julianne Moore (Children of Men, Magnolia). Director: Joel and Ethan Coen (No Country For Old Men, Fargo).

Room For Another? As strange as it may sound there’s certainly room for more of Jeffrey and co. After all the original is so heavily indebted to The Big Sleep in terms of plot, why can’t the Coen’s pick another Chandler movie to throw the Dude into the middle of.

Possible Plot: Other Chandler titles in the Marlowe series ripe for crossovers include Farewell, My Bunny, The Lady in the Lane, The Little Achievers and his final uncompleted detective novel, Poodle Springs a Seven/Ten Split.

Coming Soon? Tara Reid thinks so. But then Tara Reid probably has to count her toes every morning seeing as she’s in the Charlie Sheen/Britney Spears camp of celebrity crazy. It couldn’t be worse than The Ladykillers remake…

What do you think? Do the above sound too much like the equivalent of cinematic war-crimes? Can you see any scope in adding to filmy perfection? What would you make a follow-up to?

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