OK, we know Mark Hamill is now sporting a healthy beard and his acting work these days is primarily confined to animated voicing, but Disney have just dropped a bit of a clanger with his security pass on an office visit. And Hamill is not afraid to show that mistake with the world.

Disney (the conglomerate who own the Star Wars franchise) have made a rather egregious mistake and called Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, Mark Hamilton on a security pass for one of their buildings.

Luckily, Hamill took it on the chin with and poked fun at Disney’s London office with a sarcastic tweet “How famous am I? Actual Security Pass I got 4 Disney London Office visit. That's MISTER Hamilton to you! #AndYouAre?”. Not only that, but the pass expired in March, three days before Hamill shared the tweet with fans on social media. We’re not saying that Disney need some new security guards but... actually they do. They definitely do.

The latest set photos from Star Wars VII, which is set for release next year, has already shown Hamill in costume set to reprise his role as Luke Skyrunner. He’ll be joined by Daisy Ridley as Roy and John Boyega as Finnella, but probably not Harrison Ford, whose character Han Duo is unlikely to make it into the film following that moment.

Oh, hang on...

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