Dumb And Dumber 2 – Will The Sequel Be Any Good?

It’s been a good week for comedy film buffs. First, Will Ferrell jazz fluted his way back into our lives to announce the return of Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy. And now it’s time to be reunited with two of the silver screen’s dumbest buddies. That’s right folks, Dumb And Dumber is back.

I was only seven years old when Harry and Lloyd’s bogus adventure first hit cinemas (although I’m pretty sure no seven year old should ever see a film like Dumb And Dumber), so it’s about time that they return to amuse us all with their idiocy.

Last time we left them, Harry and Lloyd were stranded in a desert after inadvertently being dragged into a ransom scheme, getting followed around by some bounty hunters, becoming temporary gazillionaires and losing it all after splurging on pastel-coloured eye sores of suits. So where can they go from there? Well, fast forward 18 years and there’s bound to be many more LOLZ (and a few “ewws”) – surely they can’t have grown up?

If all else fails, at least the sequel will be better than its prequel Dumb And Dumberer. I got about five minutes into it before I had to turn it off. Eventually I sat through the entire thing, and regretted it the entire way through. Although there were plenty of awkward moments in the original film (ie Harry relieving himself, after accidentally drinking a cup full of laxatives, in a broken toilet and having to dump the contents of the toilet out the window), his similar scenario of splattering poo-like melted chocolate across his love interest’s bathroom in the prequel is too gross for comfort. Only redeeming point for the prequel? Seeing Bob Saget play an anal retentive, foul-mouthed father figure.


But the good news is, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back, so no more of those crappy imitations attempting to be as quirky as Jim’s role or as socially inept as Jeff’s. Sure, Jim Carrey’s been in some flops since then (Fun With Dick And Jane, anyone?), but it will be good to see him back in the role of the bowl-cut haired buffoon. Now all we need is a return of The Mask and we’re in business.

Plus, Peter and Bob Farrelly are back to co-produce, and Sean Anders and John Morris are set to write the screenplay – a surefire sign that this will definitely be better than the Dumb And Dumberer.

Here’s a few questions we hope will be answered:

How did they get home from the desert?

As Lloyd and Harry trudged across the abandoned roads of nowhere, a bus full of Hawaiian Tropic bikini babes tried to recruit the lads as their newest body oil boys. After pulling the ultimate “durrrr”, they sent the models away and carried on trudging. So how do they get all the way back to that messy excuse for a flat in Rhode Island? Will they find another moped? Will they get their shagdog van back? (I really hope it’s that one – who doesn’t love a cuddly looking vehicle?)

Will Freda Felcher return?

Remember that girl that tore our two loveable characters apart? Will she return to stir up some more trouble?

Will Billy the blind boy get revenge?
Poor kid, that Billy, swindled into buying a dead parakeet with its head taped onto its body for 25 bucks. Will a grown up Billy seek his revenge? Surely that can’t be the end of his character.

Will ‘I Got Worms’ ever open?

Can’t say Lloyd and Harry don’t have dreams. Although you could say not everyone’s dreams involve worms. There must be a market for worm farms out there somewhere, right? Yea, probably not. But could make for an interesting storyline. Maybe they’ll try to sell Billy a gummy worm farm? Oh, the possibilities…

Will we see more nursery rhyme renditions?

Arguably one of the best scenes in the film, the boys treat us to a round of “Mock-YEA-ing-YEA-bird-YEA”. Oh, please, let there be more of that. Much more of that.

Are you excited for Dumb And Dumber 2? What do you hope to see happen in the sequel?