If, currently at this very moment, you're hunched over your laptop dripping ash onto the keyboard, eyes the colour of Satan's arse cheeks, a rictus grin from ear to ear enjoying some of the finest 'herb' outside of your mama's spice rack, you may be pleased to know that MI5 is on your side.

Or at least the ex-boss of the intelligence agency is, declaring the current war on drugs to be “fruitless” and asking for cannabis to be declassified. And in other news we learnt this very day, Sting is also an advocate of freeing the weed! Fields of barley indeed.


To celebrate some speech that, frankly, won't make any difference to our drug laws now or forever, here's a few films to enjoy once marijuana is legal, free and put in our tapwater alongside flouride.

Harold And Kumar Get The Munchies (2004)
Returning to cinemas in a few weeks for A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas, Kal Penn and John Cho's modern day Cheech and Chong rest easily at the safe end of the stoner spectrum. Less about Class C's and more about the virtues of friendship – and how to control a crazed Neil Patrick Harris – H and K is chucklesome rather than a stone cold classic. What might raise a giggle is knowing Kumar himself, Kal Penn, moonlights in the White House as an Associate Director for Public Engagement in the Obama administration. Coming soon Harold And Kumar And Barack...

Where The Buffalo Roam (1980) /Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (1998)
While the latter is well known to anyone with even a passing interest in mind-expanding hallucinogens, the former is just as fine a work of the world seen through Hunter S. Thompson's eyes, with Hunter's other film star friend Bill Murray taking on the title role. In fact, whack on The Rum Diary as an opener and you've got a great evening in, one that we guarantee will see you meeting the same pizza man at least twice.

Friday (1995)
It may not even make the top ten for films released in 1995 but it easily flies into any list about getting high. Written by and starring Ice Cube - before he decided he'd sleep better on a bed made of cash from garbage like Are We There Yet? and First SundayFriday is a day unlike the life of most stoners because stuff actually happens. Damn funny stuff too. It may also be the only film in living memory where you don't feel the compelling desire to crush Chris Tucker's larynx with your boot.

Withnail And I (1987)
The majority of the film may deal with the excesses of alcohol but once Ralph Brown's Danny rears his presuming head it flies the flag for the reefer leaf. Opining on the end of the 60's - “The greatest decade in the history of mankind is over” - his lament may be brief but for many it's spot on. Danny might just be the perfect man to unfuck your brain with.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
It would be fair to say that, outside of a zoo or a concert headed by Davy Jones and company, nobody stares at monkeys for half an hour without being at least a little under the influence. From miffed monkeys to angry 'pooters, from light shows to embryos, Kubrick's masterpiece is a sensory delight best viewed when your sensors are opened to their fullest.

Then there's always, Cheech and Chong, Half Baked, Dude Where's My Car?, Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski and many, many more so add your own below. And apologies for omitting How High but we still haven't forgiven Method Man for double-crossing Prop Joe. Fucking Cheese.

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